Why Use Vital Oxide?

EPA Registered Disinfectant Cleaner

Why Use Vital Oxide?

Vital Oxide is an EPA-registered disinfectant cleaner, mold and mildew killer, and odor eliminator. With its ready-to-use formula designed to be gentle to users but tough on germs, Vital Oxide is non-irritating to skin, non-corrosive to most treated articles, and NSF-certified for food-contact surfaces.

To learn more about Vital Oxide and COVID-19, please watch the video on this page. Also, please contact us with any questions you may have. We can be reached by phone at 419.261.8453 or send us an email by clicking here.

Environmentally Safe | Ecologically Sound | Highly Effective | Safe to Use

Good & Bad Disinfectants

Worker sanitizing gym equipment

Not all disinfectants and mold removers are created equal. Vital Oxide uses a unique chemical compound called chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide has been used during Anthrax attacks, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, to purify drinking water, and most recently to kill MRSA in schools and hospitals. While other competitors and manufacturers have attempted to copy and produce a form of stabilized chlorine dioxide similar to Vital Oxide, our revolutionary formula is simply unequaled.

Protect Others

People riding on public transportation

Also consider carefully what kinds of chemicals you want around your employees, patients, students, friends, and co-workers. When evaluating and comparing disinfectant products, take a close look at their core ingredients. Most disinfectants and mold removers on the market are extremely toxic and leave behind harmful by-products and nauseous fumes.

Peace of Mind

Young girl wearing mask at school

With Vital Oxide, however, you no longer need to use bleach and other harsh chemicals that increase volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your environment. You can have the peace of mind that you are using a disinfectant that won’t irritate your skin and doesn’t come with any alarming safety warnings and precautions, while still effectively eliminating pathogens and allergens in your home and workspace.

Product Highlights

  • EPA-registered hospital disinfectant (lowest toxicity category given by the EPA)
  • NSF-registered for food-contact surfaces
  • Free of volatile organic compounds
  • Proven effective in killing Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Norovirus, Legionella pneumophilia, E. coli, and the H1N1 virus (Swine Flu), and other pathogens in independent testing
  • Bleach-free, phosphate-free, and free of harsh chemicals and skin irritants
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Non-corrosive to treated articles
  • No added fragrance or perfumes
  • No nauseous smells or fumes
  • Kills mold and mildew at the source, effective on mold spores, and can prevent mold regrowth for up to 7 months on tile and other building materials
  • Ready to use with no mixing required, just spray, wipe or fog right from the bottle.

Where to Use

Vital Oxide is a hospital grade disinfectant on the EPA List N: disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and can also be used as a cleanser with dilution. What’s better, because it’s non-toxic, the product can be used just about anywhere to kill Covid-19 or just disinfect and clean businesses, schools, gyms, salons, airports, office buildings, rental cars, airports, busses, etc.

Our Vital Oxide disinfectant is so versatile that it can be used just about anywhere. Because it is non-toxic food contact surfaces sanitizer, and a soft surface sanitizer, this can be used in so many places. Not only can it be used in commercial kitchens, cafeterias and restaurants, but the carpet, drapes, and upholstery in these very places can be disinfected also.

In addition the product can be used in HVAC and Air Ducts for killing bacteria and is also a mold and mildew killer which would be great for damp places like a fitness center and gyms.

Vital Oxide’s Mission Statement: “Vital Solutions creates products that are environmentally safe, ecologically sound, and highly effective with your health and safety as our top priority. The well-being of people and planet is at the forefront of all that we do.”

No Harsh Chemicals

Eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold, allergens & odor without using harsh chemicals

Stop using chlorine bleach and other harmful chemicals. Vital Oxide will replace your current cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants with one product designed to enhance your environment.

No Rinse Required

Save time in commercial kitchens and FDA inspected food processing facilities.

Certified by NSF International as a “no rinse required on food-contact surfaces” sanitizer, Vital Oxide reduces the level of food-borne bacteria by 99.999% on a food contact surface within one minute.

Bleach Free

Remove mold & mildew with a bleach free product that will not damage surfaces and fabrics or produce harmful by-products.

Vital Oxide stops tough mold and mildew at the source by penetrating hard and soft surfaces and destroying the roots. Effective on mold spores, free of bleach and other harsh chemicals, it does not produce nauseous fumes.